Our Profile

At Bigmunch Global, we believe we are here to end hunger, eradicate poverty and give our partners all the basic necessities of life in a big way through our amazing compensation plan which is better, easy, simpler, achievable and second to none by connecting both Bigmunch partners/vendors together.

Our products and services includes the following, unending food supply, mouth watering cash benefits, Property acquisition, Health Insurance, Education, Skill acquisition and Humanitarian Services, Travels and tour.

All of these are achievable with a one time registration and non-refundable fee of ($5) N2,000. Join us as we journey through life in a Big way.


Discipline, Integrity, Transparency, Efficiency, Selflessness, People of like minds.


Our vision is to connect with like minded individuals who will work together towards achieving a common goal of building a better future.


To connect our partners to enjoy the good things of life in a Big way.