Below our a few questions that intending members have often asked in the past that may be useful to you.

You can become a partner by making a one time payment of $5 to the company's designated account on the website.

The registration fee is $5 ( #2,000)

A vendor in the company is an approved seller of various goods such as food stuff, supermarkets, Electronic stores and other goods and services which partners might be interested in, who will be willing and ready to receive payments from partners e-wallets account and transfer to the company's account while they get paid by the company and they supply the goods to the partners without stress.

To become a vendor, you register by paying $17.5 (#7,000) for a T-shirt, a vendor flex for identification and registration to own a back office on the company's website

You can register a minimum of 1 account and a maximum of 7 accounts. However there is no limits to the number of accounts an individual can register as long as you can manage them.

You're expected to sponsor 2 people directly on your MUNCHY FOUNDATION stage one

2 persons will be placed under you and the rest will spill to your downliner who have not sponsored anyone under them thereby helping your generation grow faster

i. Larger customer base
ii. Earning from the matrix

Yes you can withdraw to your bank account but from stage 5